A seal hunter painted by Arvid Liljelund.

The seal hunt required a great amount of supplies. One hunter might bring 12 kg of butter, 60 loaves of bread, and 15 kg of smoked meat. The picture shows a wooden bin from 1798, which was used as a food container on seal hunts. The bins were carved with symbols believed to protect the hunters.



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Seal Hunting

Seal hunting has traditionally been important in the coastal regions. This is also the case in Korsnäs, as seen from the coat of arms of the municipality, which depicts two crossed seal harpoons. An exhibition on the top floor of the cottage shows the seal hunt and its hardships.

The early spring seal hunt, fälan, lasted 12 to 15 weeks, and required a considerable amount of equipment to keep the seal hunting team fed and dressed for so long. Flint guns and tools necessary for the hunt can also be seen in the exhibition. A beautifully carved wooden bin from 1798 is one of the oldest items in the museum. Present too is the seal itself.