The Museum



In the mid-1950s, a teacher named Helge Holm started collecting rural antiquities from the district. For this purpose, he got permission to use the empty hired hand’s cottage on the parsonage premises. Thus, the first seed of the future museum was sown. In March of 1964, a meeting was held to discuss the founding of a museum. Evald Wendelin was in charge of the activities during this early period. The association was officially registered in 1975.

The museum premises today include the old hired hand’s cottage, the windmill, the forge, three rooms in the loft building, and the parish granary across the road. The beautiful museum yard serves as a place for festivities, demonstrations of handicrafts, and games. The old parsonage building on the southern edge of the yard serves as an independent museum.

One of the goals of our museum is to bring the past closer to today’s generations. We hope you will enjoy your visit to the museum!